Topkapı Place Gülhane Seririyat Hospital

It is a historical building which started to operate as “Gülhane Clinical Instruction Hospital” on 30 December 1898. Immediately after the foundation of Gülhane, the soldiers who graduated from Tıbbiye-i Şahane (Medical School), had started a practical training here instead of Haydarpaşa Military Hospital before they went to their place of duty in the continent. The aim of these trainings is to increase the information about patient care and hospital management, and provide their placement according to the practice. Monarchy in 1908, the military and civilian medical schools were combined as a result of the attempts of reform in the field of medicine; and 11 important members of the Gülhane Faculty were transferred to the İstanbul University Medical Faculty which was established in 1909.

Gülhane took the name of “Gülhane Military Medical Academy” in 1947, and after 1953, the building came across the danger of extinction in an idle condition. This project was realized in two steps. During the first part the restoration of the building was completed. The transformation process of the building into a museum and additional work of the palace is still continuing.
Type: Restoration | Museum Exhibition, Location: İstanbul, Electricity Subcontractor: Sıraç Elektrik, Mechanical Subcontractor: Prokem Mekanik, Landscape Practicing: Solgunlar Peyzaj, Land Area: 45.000 m2, Total Construction Area: 10.500 m2, Photographs: Studio Majo | Engin Gerçek, Graphic Design: POMPAA, Graphic Application: İnomedya, Interactive Design & Practice: POMPAA, Lighting Design & Consultancy: ONOFF
Employer: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Date of Contract: 03.01.2014, Work Completion Date: 29.12.2017
Employer: Presidency of Republic of Turkey National Palaces Administration, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Project Owner: Guicciardini & Magni Architects, Date of Contract: 26.10.2018, Work Completion Date: 18.04.2020

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