İstanbul University, Campus of Enez, Culture and Education Complex

İstanbul University Campus of Enez, located in Edirne province, was established on an area of 135 thousand square meters. The site has a beachfront location and consists of 40 bungalows and 34 hotel rooms. There are meeting halls, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts a football field, an indoor pool, a sauna and steam rooms. Within the scope of the project, approximately 40.000 m2 has been recreated. At the end of 18 months, the complex was opened to activity.
Type: Superstructure Construction, Employer: İstanbul University Rectorship (Stage 1) İstanbul University Directorate of Construction and Technical Works (Stage 2), Location: Edirne, Electricity Subcontractor: 3G Elektrik, Mechanical Subcontractor: Ezgi Mühendislik, Land Area: 40.000 m2
Employer: İstanbul University Rectorship, Total Construction Area: 5.110 m2, Date of Contract: 10.05.2011, Work Completion Date: 9.04.2012
Employer: İstanbul University Directorate of Construction and Technical Works, Total Construction Area: 6.875 m2, Date of Contract: 14.11.2011, Work Completion Date: 24.12.2012