Istanbul Technical University
Taşkışla Campus
Faculty of Architecture

It was built as a hospital for Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Şahane (Military Hospital) by the British architect Williams James Smith and his assistant Ottoman foreman İstefan from 1846 to 1852. During the Crimean War (1853-56), the wounded French, the allies of the Ottomans, were treated here. The building was ruined because it had remained empty for a long time after the war. After its restoration in 1860, it was started to be used as barracks. It witnessed the clashes between the soldiers of Ava Battalion and the troops of Hareket Ordusu (Army of Action) during the event of March 31. It was given to the board of education after the Republic; between 1943-50 it had a serious restoration and was reregulated, and ITU Rectorate and faculties of Architecture and Construction were placed here (1950). In 1983, it was decided that it is the first class historical monument which must be originally conserved, by the High Council of Antiquities and Monuments.
Type: Restoration, Employer: İstanbul Technical University Rectorship, Location: İstanbul, Land Area: 52.000 m2, Total Construction Area: 40.000 m2
Date of Contract: 15.12.2009, Work Completion Date: 20.02.2012
Date of Contract: 29.09.2011, Work Completion Date: 17.07.2012