Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

The palace of İbrahim Pasha is one of the important buildings of the 16th century of the Ottoman civilian architecture. It rises above the old hippodrome levels in the famous historical area of İstanbul, “At Meydanı-Hippodrome”. The İbrahim Pasha Palace was repaired by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1520 and gifted to his son-in-law and vizier Ibrahim Pasha. In addition to being a grand vizier’s palace, it also fulfilled the function of a “Belvedere Palace” in certain periods. Suleiman the Magnificent followed the circumcision feasts of his princes Mustafa, Mehmed and Selim in 1530 from the oriel of the Ibrahim Pasha Palace.

The İbrahim Pasha Palace is now used as the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts is the first Turkish museum which collectively includes the artefacts of Turkish and Islamic Art, and at the same time the last museum opened in the period of the Ottoman Empire.

This project was completed in two parts. First the restoration and exhibition of the museum was completed, after that the restoration of Third Courtyard, the artifact stores and the ethnography hall of the museum took place.
Type: Restoration | Museum Exhibition, Location: İstanbul, Electricity & Mechanical Subcontractor: 3G Elektrik, Landscape Practicing: Solgunlar Peyzaj, Land Area: 4.677 m2, Total Construction Area: 3.810 m2, Photographs: Studio Rino | Emre Dörter, Interactive Design & Practice: Küp Prodüksiyon
Employer: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Graphic Design & Application: Tasarımhane, Showcase Production Company: Goppion, Date of Contract: 21.09.2012, Work Completion Date: 5.12.2014
Employer: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Graphic Design: POMPAA, Graphic Application: İnomedya, Showcase Production Company: FGN, Date of Contract: 8.12.2014, Work Completion Date: 28.12.2018

III. Courtyard

II. Courtyard

Ruins of the Hippodrome, restoration process

The view of Blue Mosque from II. courtyard

Cizre Great Mosque | Door wings and a knocker

Ethnography hall