Bathhouse of Bayezid II

Bathhouse of Bayezid II, a part of the Bayezid Social Comlex (it has been known that it is a part of the social complex even though the bathhouse is not mentioned in the endowment of Bayezid II.), was built as a foundation structure by Sultan Selim the Stern’s mother and the wife of Bayezid II, Gülbahar Hatun. It has been accepted in accordance with the records of the 16th century in the archives of Prime Ministry that it was constructed in 1507-1508.

The bathhouse which has a rectangular mass, is a double bathhouse consisting of men and women parts. Both bathhouses which have different entrances, have big domed undressing units on the side of the Ordu Street.

The Bathhouse of Bayezid II was nationalized in 2000 and certainly became the property of İstanbul University Chancery. In 2003, its detailed relief and restitution project were approved. In 2004, its restoration consolidation project was approved by the Regional Council of Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation, as the co-work of İstanbul University and İstanbul Technical University. The restoration works were completed within 2007.
Type: Restoration, Employer: İstanbul Special Administration, Location: İstanbul, Date of Contract: 18.08.2006, Work Completion Date: 14.12.2007
Employer: İstanbul Özel İdaresi, Location: İstanbul, Date of Contract: 18.08.2006, Work Completion Date: 14.12.2007