Haydarpaşa Pier

Haydarpaşa Pier is a historical quay building on the Anatolian side of İstanbul. Its architect is Vedat Tek. It is located right in front of Haydarpaşa Train Station which connects İstanbul with Anatolia by rail. It has been built to provide easy access between the station and the European side of İstanbul.

It has a horizontal rectangular plan consisting of three halls. The middle hall was kept higher and twice as wide as the side halls. It opens to the sea side with three pointed arches. Two of them are doors, and the one in the middle is a watchtower with a slight outflow from the mass. In front of the middle hall, there is box office section in the shape of an octagonal form, which extends out of the mass and has a door on both sides. Side halls for passenger landings, were separated from the middle hall by ranks. They have a door on the land and sea sides.

In addition to the mobility in the exterior side, the interior has a simpler architectural approach. The ceiling of the middle hall of the place covered with tiles in two different colors in the low level inside, is flat while the side halls are vaulted. The transition to the vault is divided into two levels in vertical direction with the plaster cornice in the elevation The floor covered with the Marmara marble, is very changed. The exterior of the building is decorated with stone workmanship as well as tiles. There is also a stained glass work on the front side. The top of the door lintels, the arches on the window, the arch mirrors and pediments, the side and triangle gaps of the window pediments are covered with tiles.
Type: Restoration, Employer: İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Location: İstanbul, Electricity Subcontractor: 3G Elektrik, Mechanical Subcontractor: 3G Elektrik, Land Area: 664 m2, Total Construction Area: 170 m2, Date of Contract: 13.10.2014, Work Completion Date: 25.12.2015