French School of Saint Vincent de Paul

French School of Saint Vincent de Paul was founded by the French priestesses of “Filles de la Charité” in Üsküdar, Bağlarbaşı. The school was active at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century.

The extensive non-Muslim population in the region of Bağlarbaşı played an important role for the priestesses of “Filles de la Charité” to select this region in order to found their new education building. In this context, The French School of Saint Vincent de Paul which was built in 1883, was exposed to some interferences due to insufficiency of place after about five years from its construction, and the process of deformation of the building was begun within the closure of the school in 1924. This historical building became completely dysfunctional in 40 years because of the fact that it was unconsciously used by the new owner as a result of the handover of its property in 1967 and its owners had not done any restoration in the building. The building of which restoration was started in 2013 by the Municipality of Üsküdar, is being used by a private education institute today.
Type: Restoration, Employer: Üsküdar Mayorship, Location: İstanbul, Land Area: 5.000 m2, Total Construction Area: 1.500 m2, Date of Contract: 10.11.2011, Work Completion Date: 11.07.2013