Grand Synagogue of Edirne

Grand Synagogue which was permitted to be built with the edict of January 6, 1906 instead of 13 synagogues which were completely destroyed by a huge fire in August of 1905 in Edirne, in the neighborhood where the Synagogues of Mayor and Apulya existed, was built by the French architect France Depre and opened to worship in the name of Kal Kados ha Godal in 1907. The cost of the synagogue was absorbed with the money collected from Russia and various European countries including primarily Germany and Hungary, besides congregation in the town. The structure which has been referred as the largest synagogue in Balkans and the third largest one in Europe by Ersin Alok and Emili Mitrani, was actively used till 1960s in which the congregation was intense.

The building of Grand Synagogue was built as a large complex with administrative and curtilage buildings in approximately 1.5 acres of land, and at the same, it is the largest synagogue complex in Europe and Turkey.
Type: Restoration, Employer: Edirne Regional Directorate of Foundations, Location: Edirne, Electricity Subcontractor: 3G Elektrik, Land Area: 1.500 m2, Total Construction Area: 2.750 m2, Date of Contract: 14.10.2010, Work Completion Date: 28.09.2014